ReadON's Mission

Our mission can be broken down into three components, which build upon each other to create the ReadON experience.

Content Contract

First, ReadON proposes to build a public contract dedicated to content, both on-chain and off-chain, so that all content, including existing public Web2 content, can be indexed, ranked, rendered, and most importantly, be assigned to its real owner.

Read-Fi Token Economy

Next, we will build a content ecosystem, complete with flexible incentive and governance systems, so that creators, curators, and readers can all participate in a decentralized distribution process.

Decentralized Recommendation System

Finally, we will build a decentralized recommendation paradigm that leverages user data in a manner such that ReadON's users will truly own their data and gain benefit from them. This will include organic content recommendations and promotional content, which will be the backbone of ReadON's external monetization solution.

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