Topic Creation

The initial topic list (~20 topics) will be created by the ReadON team and new topics will be determined by ReadON users following the topic creation process below.

Topic Creation Criteria

  • Users with Tier 3 NFTs can participate in the topic creation process.

  • Topics need to be within 50 characters.

  • The ReadON team will select the initial topics, and a decentralized selection process will be implemented at a later stage.

Topic Creation Process

  • A Tier 3 NFT user makes a topic-creation proposal by pre-ordering a certain number of NFTs with a potential new topic.

  • Each user can pre-order up to 5 NFTs for a new topic.

  • The pre-order price will be an average price of Tier 1 NFTs on the market.

  • Once a topic has 50 NFT pre-orders, it is officially created. 50 NFTs will be minted and sent to users who participate in the pre-order.

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