Content, Topics, NFTs and Tokens

Content Quality Standards

ReadON aims to provide insightful and valuable content to our users. Opinions, in-depth analysis and tutorials will become the primary content.


Each piece of content on ReadON will be labeled with up to three topics by its creator and the process will also be moderated by topic managers.

Initially, there will be around 20 topics created by the ReadON team, as determined by a survey conducted on the ReadON Discord. New topics will need to be created following the process described on the topic creation page.

Catto NFTs

Catto NFTs are the core assets of ReadON. More details will be described here.

$READ Tokens

$READ tokens are the primary reward that users will earn in ReadON. There is no supply limit for this token.

$RGT Governance Token

$RGT is the governance token on ReadON. See Token Distribution for more details.

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