"Catto" NFT

ReadON NFTs come in the form of Catto. Each pair will be unique, as the design and style of the Catto frames will feature randomized patterns and the lens will display pictures or GIFs related to the Catto’ topic.

The utility of a "Catto" NFT is threefold.

  • Purchasing and equipping a Catto NFT will allow users to start earning $READ.

  • Catto are the core asset in the ReadON economy. Users can spend $READ to upgrade their Catto NFT for boosted capabilities, which will yield a higher return of $READ. Upgraded Catto NFTs will also unlock different ReadON functions.

  • Each Catto NFT is associated with a specific topic (e.g. cryptocurrencies, COVID-19, Taylor Swift). Users with Catto NFT of a topic will have the right to govern the corresponding sub-community and collect incentives from the growth of that sub-community.

Each Catto NFT has the following properties:

  • Topic

  • Level

  • Tier

  • Experience

  • Durability

  • Stats (Smartness, Vitality, Dexterity, Curiosity, Luck)

  • Energy

  • Mint Count

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