To get started, users will need to purchase and equip a Catto NFT, which will allow them to earn $READ tokens and experience points (EXP). As they read, ReadON will measure a user’s “true” reading time and award them rewards based on that time.

There is a daily earning cap that limits the maximum $READ a user can earn each day. Users can increase the earning cap and earning speed by leveling up their Catto NFT with EXP, attaching runes to their Catto NFT, or acquiring more Catto NFTs with better stats, especially higher Tier Catto NFTs.

Another important attribute is the Catto NFT’s Topic. Whether the topic of the Catto NFT matches the topic of the content a user is reading will greatly affect their earning speed. There are a limited number of Catto NFTs released for each topic, after which, users will need to mint new NFTs to increase the amount of Catto NFTs for a given topic (See Topic Creation).

As Catto NFTs are used, they begin to deteriorate and will eventually fall into a ‘hibernation’ mode if not repaired. NFTs in Hibernation do not generate any rewards or EXP. All Catto NFTs require $READ tokens for repair but Tier 2 and Tier 3 NFTs will also require certain community services to be repaired.

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