Levels, Tiers, and EXP

Each Catto NFT starts at level 0 and can be upgraded once the experience cap is met.

For each true reading minute when the user earns $READ, the equipped pair of Catto will gain 10 experience (EXP) points. When the daily reward cap has been reached, the user will stop earning EXP for that day.

When the experience cap is reached for a certain level, users can choose to upgrade the Catto NFT level at the cost of $READ tokens. The cost to upgrade is dependent on the current level of the Catto NFT.

Catto NFTs can be upgraded up to the level cap, which is different for each Tier.

TierLevel Cap

Tier 1


Tier 2


Tier 3


Experience Scrolls

Experience Scrolls can be used to quickly earn EXP. They will be randomly dropped as users read and when users level up their Catto NFT.

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