You Are What You Read
Reading is inarguably one of the most important skills a person can have. Through reading, we are able to access a wealth of knowledge, skills, and ideas to help us better understand the world around us. In the past, reading was limited to physical books and print news but nowadays, information can be passed through a plethora of digital sources, whether it be blog posts, articles, digital books, etc. However, the rise of digital media has age has drastically affected the type of content the average person is exposed to daily.
In the current Web2 environment, social media giants hold a lot of sway over the content that the average user sees. Because user attention is the product that these companies are able to sell to advertisers, companies are incentivized to keep users on their platform. This is often done by showing users incendiary and/or disturbing content. The more time users spend on these platforms, the more they are constantly fed a diet of provocative content, which not only serves to distract them but also can affect their mental health. This phenomenon is so prevalent in the digital space that a colloquial term was coined to describe such behavior, known as “doom-scrolling”.
ReadON’s mission is to reshape digital reading behaviors in Web3 through the use of Game-Fi mechanisms and systems. Users start by equipping themselves with “Catto" NFTs, which will allow them to earn in-game currency $READ as they read content. The rate of accumulation will be affected by factors such as content topic, Catto properties, and user experience. The quality and type of content will be community-managed, with users able to vote and sponsor their favorite content through ReadON's "content staking" model. Through these mechanisms, ReadON aims to help users rediscover the experience of deep reading, create a community of readers, encourage the spread of quality content, and give the power of information dissemination back to the users.
Welcome to the start of your new reading life.
Disclaimer: This is an adventure in a new world, and any description in the white paper is likely to be updated or changed as ReadON evolves